Boerne Pedestrian Trails

The town of Boerne located about thirty minutes from downtown San Antonio has built an image of a perfect American town with a well-preserved historic downtown complete with robust antique shopping. As a part of that image, the City decided to create a trail system interconnecting their downtown with two city parks.

The Boerne Pedestrian Trails project consists of 2 sections of walking and leisure trails highlighted with a variety of site improvements. The Primary Trail begins at Boerne’s Main Plaza and Ye Kendall Inn and runs along the Cibolo Creek for 1.6 miles to the city park facility. A second trail will run for over three quarters of a mile along Currey Creek from Adler park to Blanco Road. Complicated Switchbacks, retaining walls, and 3 separate steel bridge structures allow for all sections of the trail to run at less than 5% grade, creating a comfortable and completely ADA accessible path. Enhancements of the trail include limestone retaining walls, flagstone accents and steel and cedar arbor structures. The trail will be marked in quarter mile intervals with displays of interpretive signage that depict stories from the history of Boerne. At River road park, near the heart of Boerne, we will install two new galvanized steel fishing piers which will be open for public use year round. Masonry picnic tables, benches, lighting, water fountains and Landscape will also enhance the popular park.